Getting to know me

1. My full name is Priya Kiran Sharma .

2. I’m a September baby – Virgo.
3. I am Fijian/Indian but was born in Melbourne, Australia.
4. I have 1 tattoo of the Aum and my grandfather’s initials underneath it.
5. When I first meet someone, I’m quiet but when I start trusting you and am comfortable around you, you’ll see my crazy side.
6. I am obsessed with Harry Potter.
7.  I love exercising/working out. I’ll even go for walks in the rain (unless it’s pouring). You can never have too much workout gear. Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m obsessed with Lorna Jane.
8. I had 8 piercings but when I was sick they had to take 3 earrings out and it closed up 😦
9. If I feel like someone is not positive to my life they don’t really belong there.
10. I definitely do not put up with being treated like shit and am not afraid to stand up for myself.
11. I love Sushi and will never say no if anyone offers me some.
12. I’ve studied Childcare, Personal Training and Photography.
13. I love reading, Give me a good book any day !
14. I am a clean/neat freak.
15. I can be super inappropriate at times (only if I’m really comfortable around you).
16. I’m definitely a Daddy’s Girl.
17. I like to keep a small group of close friends rather than be popular. My best friends are amazing 🙂
18. I believe in love at first sight (sometimes it happens).
19. If I could live anywhere else it would be Adelaide because it is just so peaceful and relaxed which is more my scene. Everything is within walking distance.
20. I love burning candles. They make everything smell nice. You can never have too many candles.

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