P&O Cruising

Moreton Island Jan 2016

If you have never been on a P&O Cruise before, I would 100% recommend that you do it. Take a break, leave work and your problems behind and JUST DO IT ! It’s so much fun, there are so many activities to do on board the ship and at the islands/places you go to.

I went on my first one after Australia Day. We were on the Pacific Pearl. A four night cruise to Moreton Island. Four nights was good, it’s short and fun. My first actual Holiday since before I got sick. Considering the circumstances and that I fatigue easily, I was surprised that I managed to stay up past 2300 🙂 Thankfully I didn’t get seasick at all. You kind of feel like you’re drunk all the time, trying to walk straight on a rocking ship.


So the first day, we has a ‘sail away’ party as soon as the ship started sailing, That was fun and the weather was great, nice and warm. There’s so many things to do on-board, Comedy Shows, Trivia, Dance classes, Family activities etc. and there’s even a childcare centre/ kid’s room on board if you bring your kids on the cruise but want some ‘me time’


The second night, we had a Gatsby Party. That was so much fun, They had a live band which was nice. The events/parties they have on the ship are usually advertised on the website but if you don’t have the appropriate thing, there’s a duty free shop on-board that sells all the things you’d need.


The next day, we were at Moreton Island !

There were high swells that day so we could not use the boats on the ship and had to use the two catamarans supplied by the Island which means it took longer to get onto the Island. We finally got there after waiting so long and It’s such a beautiful Island and there are so many activities to do (at additional cost of course). The water is pretty clear. I felt game enough to try parasailing but I don’t weigh enough 😦 so opted for a boat marine tour instead. That was an amazing adventure, we saw some dugongs and some very playful dolphins (about 5 of them). We also saw some old shipwrecks where people can go snorkelling.

That night, there was a comedy show on. James Bustar – if you have never heard of him, YouTube, right now! There was no way you would have left the Marquee without your stomach hurting. Mine certainly did. Unfortunately I only managed to get one video during the show because I was obviously more interested in watching and having fun. His show was absolutely gold !!! http://www.jamesbustar.com/
After that we had a White Party, although I didn’t stay for long
as all the late nights were finally catching up to me. What I realised on this cruise, is how many people get really dressed up for these events, like REALLY put a lot of effort into it.

The last day was finally a nice sunny day, so we were finally able to use the pool and the open deck. the Top deck had been closed a few times previously due to high winds. It was so good to just be able to lie in the sun and use the pool. There’s even the Splash Bar, a swim up bar. That night there was another party which apparently no one went to, I suppose that was because there were so many other things going on in different places. The next day I got up early to see the sunrise and watch the ship come back into Sydney Harbour and it was beautiful. It’s good to be back home but who’s keen for another holiday ?? Haha 🙂 https://www.pocruises.com.au/ what are you waiting for ?

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