P&O Cruising Part 2

I didn’t really get to celebrate my birthday last year, i had just finished rehab so it was just a low key dinner at home.
This year, I decided that I definitely deserved a celebration !! I booked a cruise to Moreton Island again (because I loved it so much last time and it meant a short break from reality).
This time i went with a friend of mine so it was such a different experience from when I went with my family. Plus, we were on a  different ship with different adventures to be had 😉
It was so much fun and such a nice break. I was able to enjoy myself a lot more this time around. My doctors had cleared me and said i could drink (responsibly :P), I didn’t fatigue as easily and I had way more energy. It was tons of fun, the game nights,the parties, everything ! I definitely didn’t hold back on enjoying myself and splurging a little 🙂
I decided to get a photoshoot done because, it was my birthday and when would i ever do this again so what the hell !
It was such an amazing and fun experience, the hard part was choosing which photos to buy ! Out of 40+ photos, i had to choose 4.

I had such an amazing birthday, got a massage done first thing in the morning, i had my hair done the day before and
enjoyed a couple of cocktails (as you do). This was by far one of the best birthday ever 🙂
Until my new addiction continues ..

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