No, I won’t Get Over It

This is a topic I really want to touch on as I feel not a lot of people are educated on what a stroke really is. I’m a member of a group called ‘Young Stroke Survivors’ on social media and i have recently read comments from survivors saying people are telling them to ‘get over it’, ‘stop using it as an excuse’ and asking if it’s ok when someone tells them to get over it post stroke.
NO, it is NEVER okay to say that to someone who has been through such a traumatic experience. Have you been through the same thing ? Do you know what it feels like ? I’m guessing your answer is probably no, so what gives you the right to be judgemental of someone’s medical condition and be so cruel to them.
A stroke is not just physical. Just because someone who has had a stroke is not in a wheelchair or is not slurring their words does not mean that they are fine and have 100% recovered. Personally, I look fine physically, I can walk, I can talk so that means I have recovered right ? WRONG!! A stroke is more than just physical, it is a brain injury so there are mental and emotional effects as well. There is also the fatigue side of it, people get tired very easily and I know people that have said they have slept 12 hours at night and ask if that is okay. YES, it is, the body takes time to recover and does so at it’s own pace.

I come home tired from work every day, that is normal for someone who has been through such a traumatic experience. It’s perfectly normal to use the stroke as an excuse for something, I mean you are the only person that knows your body and what you need. That being said, a stroke is not considered an ‘excuse’, it’s a REASON. No one else ever has the right to judge you or put you down.
I feel for everyone that has had this said to them, or have had people walk out of their life. But it’s not your fault you got sick, it’s not your fault you had a major life event, it’s not your fault you had the stroke. No one would ever ask for this to happen and people need to realise that. To all the fellow survivors reading this, if someone has walked out then trust me you are better off. You need people in your life that are ALWAYS going to be there for you and not leave when things get rough.
I have received comments from people I don’t even know about taking rest breaks or rest days with the workout I’m doing. You do not know me or what I have been through so what gives you the right to comment and judge what I’m doing. Everyone (whether you’re fit and healthy or not) knows their own body and when you need a break from something.
I am very lucky that no one has ever told me to ‘get over it’ or ‘stop using it as an excuse’ and have wonderful people around me who are always checking how I am and supporting me. It makes me sad when I see comments like these, these people have been through so much and you’re just making it worse and possibly slowing down their recovery by saying this. We’re all doing the best we can and it’s not up to anyone else to judge that.

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