Wake up ..Kick Ass & Repeat

Wow! It’s been quite a year. So much has happened and I have to say, this year was so different to last year in both good and bad ways. It’s been a year that my recovery has had it’s ups and downs and a year of being selfish, doing things for myself and not worrying about everyone else.  I have changed so much in the last year and for the better!

I’ve let people go in my life that fail to understand me or are not willing to be there for me. I learnt that the issues they were having were mostly their own. What else do I do except show them the door that leads into my life. I am always grateful for the people in my life, whether they have left or not, as they have taught me to be a stronger person and stick up for myself.

I’ve definitely been through my share of depression and anxiety this year. I get stressed a lot more. I definitely get more irritated and snappy now (not a good thing haha) and fatigue is starting to come back. It’s annoying because I can’t just go out and enjoy myself or if I go to a party, I’ll get tired pretty early.

I have definitely started making the most out my days though, on days off I will just go out either by myself or with friends ..to the beach, to a café, anything to get me out of the house. We all need to appreciate how short life and be and get out there and live every moment like it’s our last.

The best part of the year for me was definitely when my doctor told me I could go back to the gym!! I have been back at the gym since May and it has been so good for me, I have noticed some amazing changes. (I go to Base Gym)  This gym is seriously amazing, it feels like everyone is family and everyone is just so supportive of one another. I have a pretty awesome trainer who understand my situation and knows how far to push me and I have definitely notice most of my strength coming back which is amazing but I still have off days where I feel weaker and not able to do as much !  

So with the year coming to an end, I’ve reflected back and realised all the hurdles I have gone through and how much stronger I have become. I no longer have time for negative people in my life and I always stick up for myself but I will always be there for someone if they really needed me.

Happy Holidays  Everyone. Here’s hoping 2017 is an amazing year and you set some amazing goals. What was the best part of your 2016 ? Comment Below 🙂

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