Perx Health

‘Perx was founded in July 2016, to develop a user-first smartphone app to motivate people to take their medication as prescribed. We do this by providing real rewards and exciting gameplay combined with simple intuitive instructions to make sticking to your medication the easy choice every day. The Perx app reminds, educates and monitors the user’s medication regime but most importantly gives them the opportunity to earn rewards every time they stick to their schedule’. Perx Health

I started testing the app in December 2016 and it has been a life changer. I’m not used to having to take medication because I’ve never had to consistently take any so at times, i have forgotten to take it. Since using Perx, it’s been so much easier to stay on track and the rewards that are offered are a great motivation. Perx lets you put in the medication you’re taking and what time it needs to be taken and will send you a notification when it’s time to take your medication and offers rewards for taking your medication. I have already won movie vouchers, fuel vouchers and charity donations. Perx is now available for download via the App Store.

Recently, Perx was featured in The Daily Telegraph to announce that they have signed their first commercial agreement with NSW Health to deliver Perx to patients in the Sydney Local Health District. I was also lucky enough to get a mention in it as part of their journey 🙂


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