Skin Care.

I have been asked a lot about what I’ve been doing/ what products I’ve been using
To keep my skin so clear. So I thought I do a blog post on my skincare routine. I
Have been through so many different skin care brands and have finally
Found 2 really great brands that I’ve found really for me. I swap between the two brands
About every 6 months. I’ve also cut dairy out of my diet and have seen a world of
difference since I have done that.

I use the deep dive cleansing gel from Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Collection.
The other cleanser I love is the Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash by Elemis.
Elemis is a brand from the UK which I discovered whilst on a cruise.
It was used on me when I got a facial done so I bought a few products
To try at home. At the moment I am using the tarte cleansing
Gel along with a few other products and have noticed a massive
Difference in my skin. It’s always good when other people
Notice it too.

I use the 4 in 1 Setting Mist from Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Collection.
I spray this on after I have cleansed my face ..using it as a toner.
It is quite refreshing on my skin and makes my skin feel amazing.

I use the Frxxxtion 3 in 1 exfoliating cleanser from Tarte’s
Rainforest of the sea range. I put this on three times a week
(usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Once I put it on, I
Massage it in to my skin and leave it on for 10 – 20 mins.

Again, from the Rainforest of the Sea Range by Tarte, I use the
Drink of H20. It is a hydrating moisturizer. My skin can get quite dry
And I’ve found this moisturizer to be amazing on my skin.
It is very refreshing and hydrating and makes my skin look and
Feel amazing.

I always start my day with a lemon in 500 ml of warm water.
There are so many great benefits to lemon water. My top reasons are
That it boosts the immune system as lemons are high I vitamin C and it repairs skin !
I then (after breakfast) have another 250 ml of water with my medication.
I have a 2.2 L water bottle that I keep on my bedside table to sip on
During the day when I’m home. I also have a 750ml bottle from Kmart that
I take to work with me. Whether I’m home or not, I try to ensure that
I am drinking at least 2L water everyday!

I love using oils from Labang Body! My skin feels amazing and nice and smooth afterwards.
I love using these oils as a substitute for moisturizer, it just feels so much nicer and a lot lighter.
I use them mainly in the evening, after my evening shower. That way I am nice and fresh for bed 😊

Once in a while (not often) I do like to treat myself and use a mask.
I have been using Trefiel Masks which are freaking amazing. They are so so hydrating
And make you feel beautiful whilst wearing them. My skin always
Felt so good after using them. Sad thing is, they have stopped
Selling them. Time for me to find a new masking routine ..

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