As a stroke survivor I know how important it is to receive treatment quickly. Every minute you wait, up to 1.9 million brain cells die. Time saved equals brain saved.

The stroke ambulance is an exciting innovation in time critical treatment, which saves lives. The Stroke Ambulance are equipped with the facilities, such as a clot busting drug, to start treating stroke straight away.

This is something that i truly believe would be very benificial. I believe that it may save lives and i would love to see this innovation rolled out accross all states.

Stroke is no longer a death sentence, with the right treatment at the right time many people are able to make a good recovery from stroke.

Stroke in young patients is often underlooked. The warning signs are not always staring at you in the face.

F.A.S.T is a great start to recognize stroke.
F – Facial drooping
A – Arm Movement
S – Speech Slur
T – Time is Critical

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Channel 9 for a segment they did regarding stroke on the news. i have also attached a link to the story below.


Some of the features of a stroke ambulance include:

  • Looks like an ambulance but is more like an emergency department on wheels, designed to deliver expert stroke care to the patient at first response.
  • Has the latest diagnostic technology built-in including a CT scanner, telemedicine equipment and mobile laboratory.
  • Staffed by a neurologist, stroke nurse, radiographer and paramedic, the unit enables a specialist stroke-trained team to quickly evaluate a patient and immediately start treatment.
  • Delivering life-saving blood clot-busting medication in the field rather than waiting for a patient to arrive at a hospital for this treatment to be administered.
  • Ground-breaking research initiative.
  1. CT scanner – A device that scans a stroke patient’s brain to determine what kind of stroke they are having and guide the decisions about administering the most effective treatment.
  2. Telemedicine technology on board – A state of the art, two-way audio visual communication system that connects neurologists at the hospital with experienced staff on board the ambulance to help examine, diagnose and recommend the best possible treatment.
  3. Clot-busting power – The Mobile Stroke Unit is equipped to deliver thrombolysis, a breakthrough drug treatment that dissolves blood clots. The faster an appropriate stroke patient receives this medication, the better the opportunity for a good outcome and less rehabilitation services required.
  4. Specialist stroke team – Experienced paramedics are joined by a neurologist, stroke nurse and radiographer allowing this specialist stroke team to quickly evaluate a patient and immediately start the best possible treatment.
  5. Research lab – The data collected by the stroke team will provide powerful new insights that will help to shape the future of stroke treatment and care in Australia.

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