My experience at Parliament.

In April this year, I was invited by the Stroke Foundation and the Heart Foundation to Parliament House in Canberra to receive a funding announcement from Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt.

The announcement was an 800,000 investment to educate the community about the F.A.S.T. signs of stroke. Also announced was a grant to the Heart Foundation of $500,000 to work with us to update the Absolute Cardio Vascular Risk Guidelines.

In addition to the above announcements, the Minister committed a further $1m for a Community Grants program to support initiatives address prevention of heart disease and stroke in high risk groups and a further $1.7m for grants for projects in stroke and heart disease recovery and support.

It was such an amazing experience and so unreal to be in escorted into Parliament House (not just a spectator).

I was able to share my story with Greg Hunt.. he was glad to hear my story and to hear of my progress. I was also able to meet and share my story with people from the Heart Foundation. What a surreal experience!

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